Service with a smile and hospitals without

Hello!! So this week we did lots of service with a smile! We helped a member run an english presentation at her school, we hacked down a forest (or as the thai people say- we just pulled some weeds), and we taught one of my favorite investigators (Brother Dom).

But……..we spent most of the week in the hospital.
 Long story short: I got really sick on Tuesday. Fever, chills, nauseous. I couldn’t stand up without throwing up (I threw up NINE times). The mission nurse said it was the stomach virus so we just stayed in. On Wednesday I woke up thinking I was probably going to be fine but I got up and threw up again and I hadn’t drank any water in 24 hours so we went to the hospital. The hospital decided it was just food poisoning so they gave me some medicine. I was literally in the wheelchair and they were about to take me out of the front desk to go home when I got SUPER cold and started throwing up again. Well at that point they couldn’t release me so they hooked me up to an IV. They decided I couldn’t leave the hospital until I could drink some water and eat a little. So that meant I had to stay the night. In a hospital. In Thailand. Ugh. It’s a nice hospital though. It’s just not the same. Especially when  you don’t speak the language (at least not medical technical language). Funny thing. They tried to ask me if I  had gone the bathroom but they were using a fancier word (they have like everyday language and then like higher class language) and I didn’t know that word so I was like what?? And all the nurse knew how to say was “you poo poo?” haha One doctor asked if I “defecated” so weird. Anyway, the next day we are in the hospital and I was like well time to go home! But they were like, you need to eat breakfast. Nothing sounded good. I was so nauseous. But I picked at some fruit to appease them. About an hour later I had such a bad stomachache and asked to go to the bathroom. When I was done they came to get me (I had an IV attached to me so they had to help me go to and from the bathroom) and I threw up again…..Anyway, they wouldn’t let me out of the hospital so I stayed another night. But it was really good. I needed the IV. In short, I had some kind of inflammation of my bowels so I’m taking antibiotics right now for that. But I don’t know how to say that in Thai so I tell all the members I just had food poisoning. And that’s my story:) It was a cool experience but I would NEVER do it again. 
The day I got out of the hospital we were both so tired of laying around that we were like, let’s get out there and teach!!! And we went to go and teach one of our investigators (biked and everything) but about 5 minutes into the lesson I turned to my junior companion and just whispered to her, this is your lesson, I’m gonna throw up. I barely made it through the lesson haha. We kind of took it easier the rest of the day much to our dismay. 

This week though, I just want to testify that God knows all of us and all of our needs. There was one night I was in the hospital and I was just so tired. I couldn’t sleep because the IV was super uncomfortable and I just felt restless and annoyed. I didn’t want to be in the hospital and I certainly didn’t want to be away from the work. I got on my knees on the hospital bed and just prayed for peace. A few minutes later I fell asleep. Guys, I didn’t see God or Jesus Christ. I didn’t hear a voice whisper to me or anything but God immediately answered my prayer with what I needed, enough comfort to fall asleep. I know He heard my prayer and I know He lives.
Love you all!:)
Sister Casper


I’ve discovered I am not the best at writing emails home but thanks for still loving me:)

On Monday the CUTEST thing happened. So after President Tiger took us to get Mexican food (he’s in the mission presidency and lives here in Udorn. FUNNIEST guy ever. Speaks english fluently and loves to tease) we went back to work. Sister Nixon and I planned to visit a less active family for FHE and teach their daughter (who is our investigator). So we get there and start teaching and all of a sudden all of their dogs (they have TWENTY) start going crazy. Barking up a storm. We go outside the house and there are about 10 members from the branch standing there with a cake and a guitar.

I felt so loved in that moment. I went to thank the person who made me the cake and she was like, don’t cry Sister Casper!! haha Good day. Good day.
We are also working with this amazing guy named Brother Dom. He just surprises every week with how much he has progressed. He has been prepared by the Lord. I’m scared I’m leaving Udorn next transfer but I asked President if I could stay and  he said probably!:)
I’ve started teaching piano here in Udorn. Not regularly and not to a ton of people, but a few members have asked and I’m here to share my testimony and talents. Right now I’m teaching a cute little RC (he’s ten). We are trying to work with his mom who is not a member and kind of against everything church related. But she’s slowly opening her heart. I’m also going to start teaching another member (15) who has been pretty less active but is coming back. I’m seeing more fruits from this than I thought I would!
Sister and Elder Hart (the senior couple) make the missionaries waffles every Sunday night. It is the best thing ever. 

Also I miss Panera.
I hope all of you study your scriptures and the words of the apostles daily. God has something to tell each of you.
Do I really have to leave Thailand someday? Thailand is where I am coming to know who God is.
I love you all!
Sister Casper
The house of an investigator we visited the other day. Count your many blessings everyone.

2017 :)

Good morning!!

This email comes to you from the great city of Udorn at 5 am! (we are going to go on an adventure today so decided to email before just in case).
I am still in Udorn (it’s close to Laos)
I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Nixon. She is from Wyoming and she is the sweetest thing ever. This story basically describes her personality: the other day we were about to start companionship study off with a hymn and I went to go grab my hymnbook but realized it wasn’t there. I told my companion “dang it, my hymn book must be downstairs”. Without a second to think, Sister Nixon bolted, I mean BOLTED, out of her chair and booked it downstairs to grab my hymnbook from off the table. And she’s super patient with me like when I cry because a member I’ve been working with so hard for 2 transfers didn’t come to his own little sister’s baptism or when I cry because I receive a really really good email from a friend. (I tear up so easily now:P Happiness, sadness, stress, hunger, all of the above)
Other updates? It is almost mango season so you know what that means!! Mango sticky rice!!! I’m so excited.
It’s 2017!
So right now we have an investigator who only speaks Isan (it’s a dialect of Thai closer to Laos). Most people here speak Isan but they also speak Thai. This investigator doesn’t:P And since I don’t have a Thai companion anymore I really get to see the gift of tongues in play. Sometimes I walk out of those lessons still not knowing exactly what was said but I receive confirmation from the Holy Ghost that God will help her. She has two friends at church and they helped us teach the 10 commandments. It was a miracle because literally just the day before we taught her, the Elders had taught these two members the 10 commandments so they were all excited and ready to teach their new friend and I could trust that it would be explained correctly.
For part of this week (long story short) the other sister and I were companions and looked after two areas. It was amazing. We were looking for an investigator of hers and we thought we had found the house and went inside and sat down with the father and daughter while waiting for the mother. When the mother arrived, we realized she was the wrong Sister Da but we sat down and taught them anyway:) And they were actually really interested! And were in my area!! We also taught another cute little family just because we happened to be listening to the spirit and in the right place and at the right time.
Also! I found out why my back hurts so dang much. Did you know it is possible to mount your bike wrong every day multiple times a day for a whole year?? Because I have been. Unfortunately the correct way is a little hard in a skirt but I’ll try.
I love you all!! PLEASE READ YOUR BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY. Not for my sake, but for your happiness. And always keep in remembrance the power of prayer.
Until next week!
Sister Casper