Hello!! Happy Mother’s Day mommy!!
We couldn’t be with our own mom’s on mother’s day so we prepared lots of little treats for some of the members and senior missionaries who have been like “moms” to us.

April showers bring May investigators!!!!! After much prayer and fasting we found an amazing investigator who is prepared to be baptized at the end of this month!! She is so prepared and keeps every commitment. She has a relationship with God that started way before we met her even though she didn’t know who He was.

Me and a member talking a pic in the bathroom haha​

​I love you all!
See you later!
Sister Casper

Some blessings come soon:)

“Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come”
My brother shared this talk with me (Elder Holland’s “An High Priest of Good Things to Come”) and I loved it so much. The quote above is so true. The blessings will always come. God has promised they will and they will.
This week was a week of blessings that came soon. It was amazing. At the beginning of the week we made a pact to be more obedient, to work harder, to serve more, and to just love the work more. We wrote down the names of all the people we talk to on a weekly basis (the 7-11 cashier, the fruit lady, the internet cafe owner, etc) and since we’ve made the commitment to learn their names, like a light switch flipping on, everyone has suddenly become friendlier. We got a lot of free food this past week too haha.
So exciting moments from this week?
1. My bike tire blew again haha. This time the back one. My companion and I just broke down laughing as I half carried, half dragged my bike back to the church (it was a miracle that it blew on the street right next to the church). Anyway, a member thinks that because I’m white the store owners ripped me off but I’m just convinced God knows I need a good laugh sometimes.

2. On the SAME day my bike broke, keep in mind we had to walk EVERYWHERE all day, I get home, ready to relax, and I toss myself on the bed. A second later we hear a crack and half the bed crashes down.

If you can’t tell I’m laying on a slope. OH and the reason my feet are up? Sunday after a lesson with an investigator, I walk out of the house and my foot is swollen! We bike to the church and a bunch of members (no worries, I have like 5 moms out here in Thailand) start poking my foot and giving me instructions haha. We decided it was from a bug bite. It’s okay now. I think haha. At least it’s not swollen anymore

Real Sister Missionaries trying to fix the bed ourselves….we ended up just calling the landlord and they fixed it this morning

3. On Wednesday we had no plan. No one was free and we didn’t know what to do. So we invited. Almost the entire day. That is a lot of walking and talking and A LOT of rejection. But my amazing companion was so enthusiastic the whole time:) We had so much fun talking with everyone we saw. And we are already starting to see the effects of our willing service. Not necessarily from any numbers we received that day but God has blessed us in so many other ways for trying not to waste His time.
4. Friday was an AMAZING day. The night before I really wanted to visit แม่จิต but I didn’t know where she lived. We set up the appointment anyway and prayed really hard that we would be able to find her house. The next day I called another member and asked for directions but I can barely understand directions in english, let alone Thai, so I hung up knowing that she lived near this other member’s food place and that was about it. Well we set off for that member’s food place praying God would guide us from there. When we got there we met this cute old lady and just chatted for a little bit. We gave her a Book of Mormon and then set off for แม่จิต’s house. I just started biking. No voice came and whispered to me where I needed to go, no path lit up red or anything but I know without a doubt that the Holy Ghost led me straight to her house through quiet and subtle promptings. I was elated when we arrived and the knowledge that God leads and guides us each and every day filled my heart. We also met her LA son and he let us help him make Thai food!
After an amazing member who my companion and I decided must already have a spot in the celestial kingdom took us inviting. Just as we were leaving, the member wanted to get a picture together so we asked a girl about 14 to take our photo for us. Her mom and dad walk over and start talking to us. A few photos and a long conversation later that family became our newest investigators. And they are truly investigators prepared by God.
This is the family haha:) Anyway they couldn’t come to church but they called us Sunday night just to tell us that they had been reading the Book of Mormon and loved it!!! I literally almost screamed when I hung up the phone. I was so proud and excited and happy and grateful. The only problem is, the dad talks SO fast haha. I barely understand slow, baby Thai haha but I know the Lord will help us and the members are super helpful too.
5. We got free somptham from this place because the people love us. I don’t know why haha. They just do. We love them too. The one doing the thumbs up calls us her daughters:)
6. We helped out at an amazing YW activity. The Elders did shoulder angel in Thai. ‘Nuff said.
7. My companion’s face when the member offered her fried crickets. We ate crickets and worms this week. I’m not gonna lie, I actually really liked the crickets. But -5/10 for the worms. Would not eat again. I’m proud of Sister Coleman though. Our first day together she said she would NEVER eat bugs yet she did within a week. She’s awesome:)

I feel like she’s my sister:) We get along really really well and she pushes me to work harder. I swear I’m not training her. We are just being trained by the Lord together. 

Okay, okay last but not least, my FAVORITE moment from the week:
8. (or whatever number I’m on) On Sunday a member took us to visit his granddaughter who has cancer. She’s 13 years old and is not a member. She is extremely, painfully shy. I don’t think I’ve ever felt God’s love for someone more before. When we walked into that room, I just immediately loved her. I felt a super close connection to her despite her extreme shyness. We taught the Plan of Salvation and the spirit flooded the room. When we taught about the resurrection and shared Alma 40:23, the girl’s mom (who isn’t a member either) looked at her daughter, bald from chemo treatments, and asked her if she would like to have all her hair back. My heart just about broke.I can’t wait to go visit them again!!
9. ALSO we met a white person who lives next door to us! Whoa. And they speak english. Crazy….
So the video: I just thought you’d like to hear the really pretty temple song sung by me with my average voice but IN THAI:)! My companion can rock the piano. I love this song. We sing it all the time together. Sorry for the ugly coughing at the beginning and also that I totally messed up the runs at the end. I’ve only sung the song a few times and it was only like my 3rd time singing it in Thai. But it was so much fun and the members love this song. (let me know if you can’t see the video)
I love all of you!! But more importantly, so does God! Look for miracles everyday, they are there!!! Study the Book of Mormon, learn to pray more sincerely, I will too!
Also, invite a friend to go to church with you next Sunday! We were born in the last dispensation for a reason! We have the special and important responsibility to build the Kingdom of God on the earth in the last days.
I love you all!!!

I love Thailand!

No time today at all! I’m so sorry! But pictures!!

Also, if you ever go somewhere with a group of missionaries, always listen to the sister missionary;) I told these Elders like 5 times where the place was and only after 15-20 minutes of walking to other places did they finally head to the place where I said it was. And I was right;) hahaha

Us and a cow. What more could you want?
I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I have never felt closer to Him or my Father in Heaven. If you feel  like something is missing in your life, please read the Book of Mormon with more intent, pray to God with more sincerity,and serve your fellow man with more love and I promise you will feel better. I make so many mistakes everyday but as my companion and I have started yelling sometimes when we wake up in the morning “TODAY IS THE DAY!” Every day is a new day! I love it!!!
P.S. Yes I have used a squatter potty quite a few times…and yes…I may have peed on my shoes the first time….You live and you learn!
I love you all!!!!!!!!
Sister Casper
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Wednesday morning. 7:30 am. The day before transfers. The phone rings. We have been waiting for transfer calls. I look at it expecting to see our District Leader’s number. The President is calling. I answer. He tells me he has a curve ball for me. I tell him I’m ready…….
Whoa….literally a wave of emotions flooded me. Excitement, nervousness, gratitude, and a whole lot of inadequacy. President Johnson asked me if I was ready and I told him I didn’t think so but the Lord must think so. My hands were shaking when I hung up the phone and after telling my companion, my own trainer, I immediately fell to my knees and prayed, knowing that I would need the Lord’s help now more than ever and needing to express gratitude for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences for growth that he has already given me.
So for those unfamiliar with missionary work, I just finished training myself and now I am training a new missionary who has just arrived in Thailand. I was so nervous to find out who I would be training, but I knew it would be exactly in the Lord’s plan. Oh and I’m having triplets because the two other Elders in my district are also training so I’m claiming all the greenies as my own.
Anyway, so that happened….and I  have seen so many miracles since!!!!!!
We went down to Bangkok Wednesday night. The next day I said goodbye to my trainer, Sister Hoffman, who was just finishing her mission and going back home. And then I met my new companion!!!! My new ลูก (child)! Her name is Sister Coleman and she is the cutest, greatest greenie in the world. I am so grateful for her. She is from Georgia and she has such a strong testimony and desire to share this gospel. Our first day we had time to spare so we went inviting in Bangkok and she talked to anyone and everyone. She had no fear, just a desire to share this gospel with the world. She is also such a hard worker. Sometimes I think I may work her a little too hard….

She fell asleep while we were praying. She is so diligent.
This week I have felt like all Satan has been trying to tell me is that I can’t do it. I can’t train, I can’t speak Thai, I can’t do it. But I’ve noticed that God is giving me so many more tender mercies, blessings and miracles saying I can.
Our first day together, we got lost, I had to buy a bike and then the bike tire blew while I was riding it, I forgot to feed my greenie breakfast (oops), I lost my camera and Elder Feist’s helmet, something else on my brand new bike broke, I scheduled an appointment wrong, etc, etc. All in one day!! It was crazy! But we kept doing everything we knew we should be doing and we both trusted in the Lord and amazing things happened. Elder Feist was there when my bike tire blew so I was able to get off the road and fix it safely. At the place where I lost my camera (I left it at the bike store) we had invited the bike store owner and gave him our card so he was able to call us back and let us know he still had it. We found our way home. We prayed together a lot for peace and direction. Members popped out of the blue to help us get my bike fixed or feed us, etc. There were two high chews left when we thought there would only be one. Miracles and miracles and miracles.

(Here’s me with my bike all fixed up and in my stylish vest. Oh yes. My bike is practically glow in the dark)
I have learned so much this week and I know I will learn so much more as the weeks pass by.
I reread the testimonies by the three new apostles from October 2015 the other day and the spirit overwhelmed me as I was reading. They all spoke of how inadequate they felt when they were called to be apostles but their testimonies and conviction that the Lord would strengthen, bless and qualify them comforted me in my new assignment as trainer and as a missionary in general.
Unfortunately, all of our investigators are not answering their phones….I’ve called hundreds of times. But that’s okay! We are working hard, loving the work, loving the people, and are learning to get really good at just street contacting and we are going to work on improving our ability to ask for referrals.
I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the resources our Father in Heaven has given us to learn of Him and His plan for us, especially the Book of Mormon. I love Thailand. I love the work. I love my Heavenly Father so much.

Us Tim-Tam slamming:)

Returning from Bangkok!

My first day with my new companion, Sister Coleman!! Yes, yes. She looks like Anne Hathaway. She’s gorgeous.
Love always,
Sister Casper
Trust in the Lord