The Faith of Little Children

​Let us all be like this little boy:) Despite having just finished a chemo treatment, here he is all smiles, getting ready for a primary talent show. If we could all just “Search, Ponder and Pray” every day as his song implores us to do, we would be on the straight and narrow our whole life and despite any challenges or difficulties we could smile through just as he is:)


Sister Casper


Just a quick email for today!

Miracle: Yesterday I got really sick during church but we had a lot of great appointments set up so we didn’t take a break. I have to explain real quick that in our mission we have a goal for every companionship to get 4 new investigators every week. The first day of the transfer, Sister Williamson and I decided that since this goal was set by God through our mission president that we would never let a week go by without reaching that goal. Well…..last night we had a lesson set up with a solid potential investigator at around 7 at night (it was going to be perfect, we had only found 3 new investigators that week and she was going to be our fourth) but she didn’t come….At this point I feel like a car has hit me. I’m pretty sure I had a fever and I barely had the energy to walk. My companion turned to me and said, well what are we going to do? And with no hesitation I told her, we are going to go and find that last investigator. We invited for about 40 minutes with no success. As an STL I testify to my sisters that they can find 4 new investigators a week no matter what and I knew God had someone prepared for us. We couldn’t go home! I just held on to that faith as we talked to everyone we saw. At around 8:00 we get a call from the potential investigator we had set that appointment up with saying she wanted to meet at her apartment. We went over there and had an amazing lesson about…well everything! She was so interested and had so many questions!! When we trust in God, He guides us. I wish I had realized what faith really meant at the beginning of my mission (and I’m sure I still don’t know everything haha) My mission really changed when I learned about faith.
Also, we got permission to go to a soccer game haha. My district is hilarious. I love them.

​Yes we eat meat off the side of the road. Don’t tell my mom.
Love you all!!
Sister Casper

Sister Chloe Ca​sper


I know all you want is pictures this week anyway…:)

Before all the fun (flowered button ups are not optional)

Caught up with some old companions in Bangkok:)

​So basically during Songkran (for three days) there are no rules. Everything is free game. You can just soak people, passing cars and motorcycles with water guns, buckets of water, anything, anyone, anywhere. Everyone carries their phones in ziplocks because it’s too dangerous not to! We went to this street called Siam on pday and we just drenched each other. It was way fun:) sister Wi and I didn’t stay all day because we have the same personality and got tired after only a few hours:)
This was a nice shot taken just as an Elder threw a bucket of water at us
Matching water gun back packs:)
Overall a really fun day participating in a great thai celebration:) Only regret: didn’t see Sister Coleman (another past companion) but it turns out we were at different streets haha.
Also: a monk came to church. This is all his monk stuff on a chair in the foyer. The other sisters invited him and he showed up. So crazy:) This gospel is for everyone:)

I love Thailand and I love the Thai people.
Also as we talked about Easter and resurrection this past week, it kept coming back to family history. My dad’s going to say “I told you so” but one of my biggest regrets is not having done family history before my mission. I definitely am going to go back and work hard on my family history. The prophets and Christ himself testify of the importance of doing family history and so many blessings are promised from it!
I love you all!!


Hello!! Long time, no email! Today is SONGKRAN!! the day we run around with water guns and everyone gets drenched haha.

Here’s a summary (provided by our mission president) of the symbolism of the water festival:
The Songkran Festival is also known as the traditional Thai new year. The Songkran Festival is a time when family and friends gather to pay gratitude to elders and to visit temples for prayer and offering. Songkran literally means to pass or to move on. The Songkran Festival is also a time when Thai people cleanse and pour water mixed with Thai fragrance on Buddha images. The festival also showcases a bathing ritual where the people pour water on the senior Buddhist monks. The process is believed to bring good luck to them. The young people pay gratitude and also show a sign of respect to elders in a sacred ritual, which involves pouring down scented water on their hands and also giving them new clothes. The Songkran Festival is a time when the Thai people splash water on themselves, which they believe will cause plenty of rainfall in the coming year. Water is also used to cleanse themselves from bad things.The bad things of Songkran Festival is that the carnal world turns an event such as this into a time to party hard and to lose all control.
No time, elders say it’s time to go! But I just wanted to bear testimony about my Savior, Jesus Christ. One of the saddest things about this week is that no one, not even the members, know it is Easter. I love Easter. It is a time to reflect on our devotion to Jesus Christ. I know that because He lives, I can live with my family for eternity. I know He lives. As Easter comes around this year, I hope we all remember Him and His sacrifice for us.  
Love you all!
Sister Casper

Working Hard!

No time at all because I officially registered for classes today (so weird, I still have 5 months left! don’t rush me BYU!)

A few items of business:
1. Funny story: We called our investigator Brother Guy this past week thinking he was still going to be too sick to be baptized and the funniest conversation ensued:
Us: how are you brother guy?
him (in english): GREATS (that’s how they say Great. Kind of like Grace haha)
Us: oh why?
Him (in thai): I am better! I can be baptized on Sunday!
Anyway, he was baptized on Sunday along with another investigator of the elders. He was so excited and happy to be baptized. It made me so happy to see him enter into the covenant and understand what it meant. I don’t know if I mentioned but Brother Guy is actually chinese. Anyway, the girl in black next to him in the picture is his girlfriend (she’s a member) and now I want them to go get married in the temple haha. He bore a beautiful testimony that God lives.

​2. Next week is the Thai water festival (songkran). This is why people want to serve in thailand (seriously). it’s a huge deal and like the whole country shuts down for it. Thus our pday is moving so we can also enjoy the water festival with the thais:) We won’t have pday until April 14th so you won’t hear from me until then. (also, mom, my zone conference is april 13th so you will be seeing pictures soon enough).
3. I’ve never been happier in my life because I get to spend all day every day with Sister Williamson. 😉
4. I want to bear my testimony that I know God lives and that He loves us. I know through Jesus Christ we can feel forgiven and at peace with ourselves as we progress and repent each and everyday. I know the Book of Mormon is true.
I love you all!!
I’m so excited to watch conference this weekend!:) we haven’t seen it yet over here
Sister Casper!:)

Hello again!

Sorry, it’s been a while. Life has just been so busy (in a really good way). Unfortunately I have to register for classes so I don’t have time to write out a nice email today. But I figured I’d send some pictures so you know I’m still alive and still loving the work!!

We had a YSA activity this past weekend! the YSA went inviting with the missionaries and it was a blast. My heart is really with the youth of this church. I recently read about the stripling warriors and I just pray that the youth here in Thailand (and all around the world) will continue to be faithful. My heart really does ache for the youth that have fallen away. I know that the youth will be mighty soldiers in God’s army if they have faith in Him and keep His commandments. Sorry, I’ll get off my soap box- the problem of youth getting baptized (or youth raised in the church) and falling away has just really been weighing on me lately. In thai we say su su!! which means keep fighting!!

My beautiful companion, Sister Williamson.

Zebras are EVERYWHERE here in Don Muang. When you ask the thai people what it means they just say “it’s our belief”. Haha no one really knows.
Our investigator (brother guy) was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but 3 days before he calls us and says he has the shingles!! It wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t for the fact that our last investigator (from 3 weeks ago) also had to move her baptism because she got the chicken pox!! (they don’t even know each other)… anyway, it all worked out according to the Lord’s timing though.
I know God lives. I know He loves us. I know He wants us to return to Him and that is only possible through His son, Jesus Christ. I know my Savior suffered for me and that all who come unto Him will be blessed. I know the Book of Mormon contains the words of God and is true. I know this church is God’s true church upon the earth restored by Joseph Smith.
I have 5 months of my mission left and I am determined to make every moment count!
Sister Casper


Good morning! This is Sister Casper emailing you from the beautiful city of Bangkok at approximately 3 am:)! (we are going adventuring today and while the Elders said we will be back in time to email in the afternoon, we all know Elders aren’t the most trust worthy when it comes to things like this)

I didn’t get a group email out last week but the work is going so well here. We have some AMAZING investigators that God has prepared for us. Funny story: we saw one really great investigator on Friday who we haven’t seen in a while because he works far away (his name is brother chicken [it’s actually guy but it means chicken in thai) and he ran up to me and was like Sister Casper!! and he kind of looked like he was about to hug me and as my companion describes my reaction  “was the most awkward cringe and high five ever” haha Sorry not necessary information but it was funny.
I still can’t cook thai food but that’s okay, a member here in the international ward taught me to make cafe rio so I’m set for life.
Also, I am in a trio with two of the hardest working, funniest, sassiest sisters right now (Sister Williamson and Sister Parker). They crack me up. Sister Parker has two more weeks of her mission left and Sister Wi has about a transfer left.

One of my favorite members from Sakon Nakhon showed up in Bangkok the other day. I love her:)

Sometimes members give you very questionable looking food and you just have to stomach a few bites and then tell them you have to go to another appointment and you are very sorry you can’t finish it.

This week I learned a lot about faith and patience. I love the talk “becoming perfect in Christ” by Elder Gong and any talk by Elder Holland and I implore all of you to to go and read that talk.
I love you! Sorry I’m out of time or else I’d add more.
Sister Casper

Dr. Pepper in Thailand:)

Hello everyone!
It has been an eventful week!! okay, okay. Maybe not the most eventful. We spent most of it, or what felt like most of it, on a bus traveling but that’s okay!!
Awesome moments/miracles/funny stories from the week:
1. After English class I was talking to a student who was not a member and she asked if she could take all the pamphlets. Of course we give them all to her and ask if she’s interested to learn more. We talk for a little bit and then asked for her number. Well, she said she had already given it to Elder McKay. I was a little disheartened (not at the success of the Elders but I had really liked this girl and wanted to teach her) when a member jumped in and was like, oh you should let the sisters teach you!! And that’s how we got her number:) The elders didn’t mind at all. She is so great. When we taught her the plan of salvation, she had so many great questions. We are so excited to teach her again:)
2. We went to Makro (a grocery store) because we really wanted to eat PB and J and cereal for dinner. So we bought a huge bag of cereal and milk and peanut butter and jelly and apples and we check out only to realize Makro does not give you grocery bags….and we had biked all the way there. So we bought a reusable bag and then put the cereal in there and then put the peanut butter in my backpack and the jelly and milk in Sister Hoffman’s bike basket and I carried the loaf of bread in my hands while we biked. It was pretty funny:)
3. We had switch offs this week with the STLs! Well….Our STLs serve about 5-6 hours away by bus…so we left Wednesday afternoon, got there around 9 Wed night, planned, slept then had a switch off until about 3 pm the next day (so basically on Thursday we studied, then ate lunch, then had one appointment) and got back on a bus!
4. Monday was Zone Conference. I  LOVED it. We have zone conference with the Lao Elders too since we are so close to Laos. I loved everyone there and the spiritual upliftment, encouragement and training we received from our Zone Leaders, Assistants to the President and President and Sister Johnson. It was an amazing day. Unfortunately we didn’t finish zone conference and interviews until 8 at night and all the busses to Sakon Nakhon had stopped running (we were in Udon, about 4 hours by bus or 2  hours by car away). But we went to the bus stop anyway! And lo and behold a truck was there! And the truck driver let all 6 missionaries squish into the cab of his car and he took us all the way to Sakon Nakhon! We were so glad we made it or else we wouldn’t have had a p-day. We would have had to have traveled on Pday. We see miracles every single day!!
I am running out of time but I just want to add a few more things!
1. Next week…I have some bitter sweet news…..We are going to go ride elephants next pday!!! I am SO excited! But….and here is the sad news.. in order to ride elephants, we will not really have time to email because it is so far away:( We might find a time but most likely not. So you probably won’t hear from me next week:((
I know that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve Him. Everyday I grow closer to Him and I can feel the difference. When I look back, I can see how blessed I am for all I have gone through, good and bad. God truly does love all of us. And He wants all His children to know that.
When I am stressed it’s because I am trying to make this MY work, not the Savior’s work. When I focus on Him and on my purpose and not on my own inadequacies or fears, I feel greater power and peace. That applies to everyone in their respective callings whether it be mother, father, daughter, son, student, relief society president, nursery leader, Bishop, missionary, anything. Focus on the Savior and everything will be okay:) I promise.
I love you all!! Until we meet again!
Sister Casper


At Zone Conference a member made us hamburgers!!! And paid a lot to have real authentic Dr. Pepper and Root Beer. It was awesome.

This is my companion Sister Hoffman. We LOVE Thailand! She goes home in 3 weeks though:(( Photo creds to Sister Casper.

Thai Fruit is DELICIOUS

“Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger wind, the stronger trees.
The further sky, the greater length.
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.”
I wrote a poem too: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I am a missionary, and you can be too!!”
Oh I’m so clever.
Anyway, seriously, please just go love the little missionaries serving in your areas and give them huge hugs (Parker, this is not permission to go hug the sister missionaries). And help them with the work wherever possible!!
This week was absolutely fantastically supercalifragilistically superbly impossibly awesome! (haha and in case any of you were wondering, I do teach my Thai companion these completely useful and real English words).
We prayed extremely hard and 5 of our investigators came to church on Sunday!!! Sister อี๋ว (pronounced “ew”) is the cutest thing ever. She even answered questions in Relief Society! We love her so much. Unfortunately her place of work is kind of going under so she might move back to where her family lives and there are no missionaries in that area:( She said she wants to keep praying and reading the scriptures though. I know God will provide for her. We are also teaching a mother and her daughter and when we taught them the plan of salvation and asked if they wanted to live together forever their reaction was priceless: Mom: “do you want to live with me forever? Or are you already bored of mom?” Daughter: *teasingly pinches her mom’s cheek* “aww of course not” I miss my own family so much but I am so grateful to be here teaching more families about how they can be together forever.
So in Thailand it is extremely rude to kick the back of someone’s foot. It shows extreme disrespect. So I’m kind of naturally clumsy….I may or may not have broken a pot, a clock, and a shelf my first semester of college…and anyway, while walking I accidentally kicked the back of Brother Cruz’s and then Brother Ice’s shoes twice. They’re my age and don’t care as much especially knowing it was an accident and that I was sincerely sorry but I was just like, okay I give up on this walking thing haha.
Sorry this email is so short. There were so many miracles and amazing experiences from this week. I love each and every one of you.
This week the plan of salvation has popped up in my studies so much. An eternal perspective on life is so so so important. We are God’s children sent to this earth to be tested for only a small moment before we return back to God again. Let us all strive to be the best we can be in this short mortal existence. Let us focus on who we are and whose we are:)
Here’s a fun conversation from a few weeks ago:
Elder Wager: sometimes Sister Casper’s smiles get weaker and weaker throughout the day haha
Sister Casper: But I’m still smiling!!
Elder Blad: yeah but is that smile coming from the inside or the outside because if it’s coming from the outside it isn’t really real?
Sister Casper: Maybe, but sometimes when you can’t smile from the inside, start from the outside and the inside will follow suit:)
I truly believe that. If you aren’t happy or feeling very loving towards someone, smile, serve, sing, etc and I promise you will begin to actually feel happiness and charity.
Also I need to know what a group of kittens is called. A gaggle? A flock? A meow? Please respond. This is urgent as the other day a “group” of kittens followed me and my companion down the street and it was the cutest thing ever but I have no word to describe it. Thank you.
And if you have a favorite picture of Jesus send it to me through email:)! Sometimes I feel weird just bearing my testimony every week when I know so many of you have amazing, strong testimonies yourself so feel free to share it with me!:) I’d love it. And pictures of you and your family and your dog and your house. I love seeing pictures.
Sister Casper


Thank you for all the BEAUTIFUL emails! Look ma! No tears! But in all seriousness, no tears this week:) Hard moments and struggles but all smiles:) Thank you for the prayers and love. I know God loves you and me. And I love Him. That’s still about all I can say in Thai but that’s okay because it is so true. It is the essence of this gospel. God loves us so He gave us a plan and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love Him so I will try my very best to follow that plan. And I know God loves all of His children so I will try to help them know of and follow His plan too to have true happiness.
Sorry if I send a bunch of emails this week but I have a bunch of pictures that I can finally send! Yay! Although I hear pictures of me are floating around Facebook…
When you are watching the District for training and get SO EXCITED that you just have to take a selfie with the mini TV… trainer might think I’m a little insane (for all of you who don’t know, the District was filmed in my home ward in San Antonio and this is my old Bishop and awesome, amazing family friend Bishop Miller!!!)

This is the cutest little Thai girl:)) Sister อิม. She’s a recent convert. I love her to death. We have an awesome secret handshake and everything. (we just finished sports night if you can’t tell…haha)  I LOVE Sport’s night. Great opportunity to get families to the church and lately we’ve had so many adorable little Thai children and their guardians come. I taught them Red Light, Green Light. One of the families is SO cute. We gave them a tour of the church and will hopefully have the opportunity to teach them about the gospel in the next upcoming week or two when they have free time!! 
At some old Buddhist วัด (temples). Super hot but very cool. Today we are going to go visit a haunted วัด so wish me luck!!

Cool story: We were about to teach english class and this awesome girl walks in. We aren’t ready to start yet so we start talking to her and one of the elders asked her how she knew about english class. Well, she just points at me and was like, she invited me. I couldn’t remember exactly where but Sister Hassaya and I thought about it after class and she figured it out: we were on…for lack of a better word…the back of a pick up truck (it’s how we travel here but there are benches and a covering) when this awesome girl got on. We didn’t talk, I just smiled at her and said hello. Just as we were about to get off her hat flies of the truck and no one catches it in time. We were getting off so I couldn’t say or do anything and just handed her a pass along card and told her I was sorry that happened. And she ended up coming to english class! She was super sweet! The Lord’s hand guides this work. Getting people to english class isn’t the goal, but getting them to church is and I feel like if she keeps coming she’ll want to learn more. She’s the cutest human being ever. She asked to take a picture with me too:) So fun.

Our district!! It’s pretty small but so much fun:)
Also! I feel like I should share the good news of my friends and family too!!
1. My brother got a 30 on the ACT!! He’s a mind blowing genius. Wow. Also he’s cute. And available. Just so all you single girls know.
2. MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS!! So happy for her:))) Wish I could be there but I’ll be there in spirit…and a picture of me better be there too.
3. My roommate and one of my best friends is getting married too!!!!!! Congratulations Noelle!!:))
4. Lindsey Tobler, Jacob Williams and Ashly Weight are about to go serve missions!!!! They will be great instruments in the hands of the Lord
5. My other sister has the cutest kids EVER. Also, she’s cute too. But not available….obviously…..She’s hilarious and if you ever need someone to lift you up, just talk to her.
6. I don’t know what’s going on in Adam’s life…He doesn’t email me;) jk jk. He’s cool. He’s rocking the college life.
Oh and yes….starting soon, sisters in my mission can wear pants:) haha I know many of you were curious.
The Lord has always answered my prayers. Every time I’ve knelt in fervent prayer, pleading for His guidance and love, He has freely given it in one form or another. Every. Time. I am so grateful for this gospel. I am grateful for God’s plan for me. I know my Savior lives. This week my testimony of the Book of Mormon grew so much. It is such a powerful book. It truly contains the words of God.
I love you all,
Sister Casper