Everyday is made up of millions and billions of decisions. Some aren’t important (what color socks I will wear today or which cereal I will eat); others are monumental (which college will I go to or where will I work); while a majority of our decisions are seemingly unimportant but monumental in the long run and it’s those decisions that often cause us to trip and fall or rise and continue the race. For example: every day my alarm goes off at 6:30 am. Sometimes I am tempted to just sleep in 5 more minutes-what’s the harm in that?-but then I remember what God has promised me if I keep His commandments including following the missionary handbook, so I get up and pray and my day is blessed for my willingness to obey. It seems like such a minuscule decision but it has far reaching consequences. It affects the rest of my day and even into the next day (hey, I slept in yesterday, I could sleep in today too). We all face so many small decisions that have far reaching consequences. Granted, you all don’t have to wake up at 6:30 am on the dot but we all have decisions like should I exercise today? Should I go to class? Should I go serve that person? Should I serf the web aimlessly? When you are faced with a decision and are tempted to think of all the reasons you should make the wrong (or less good) choice, instead think of all the reasons you should make the better or best choice!

FYI, Luke Tait, I am not sleeping in thank you very much;)
On that note: I just want to share a quick miracle from the week: On a suggestion from our District Leader, Sister Francks and I started a fast for an investigator of ours who disappeared off the map. We were fasting that we would be able to get into contact with him. Just as we were about to break our fast the next day (Our food had literally just been placed in front of us), the phone rang and it was our investigator. I promise God answers our prayers and our fasts.
I love all of you!


What is a miracle?

Finding a swing set at night and taking a second to swing with your companion
Getting amazing emails from family, friends, missionaries, people you really love
When you are eating chips while biking and one falls BUT lands on your knee and stays there until you are able to pick it up and eat it
Being able to see the stars at night (there’s a lot of pollution here)
Receiving enough strength from the Lord to ask someone you are teaching if you can throw away their bag of weed for them (the bag of weed you practically had to sit on while teaching the lesson). And then when they take it and “promise” they will throw it away themselves, trusting that the Lord will bless you and your companion for your efforts.
An awesome member who helps you teach every single day in a week:)
Watermelon milk, dewberries, American gravy, Nutella and bananas,’nuff said
When you bike to a less active member’s house and pray so hard the whole way that they will open their heart and praying for the words to say, only to find out they aren’t home. And then immediately (because as a missionary you learn to take rejection and disappointment pretty well) flipping your bike around to visit another less active member and when you arrive being given the exact words to say and questions to ask and feeling the Holy Spirit in abundance.
When you (3 and a half transfers in country) and your greenie companion  teach a brand new RC and her cousin (investigator) and despite the language barrier are still able to help them come closer to Christ.
An amazing companion who makes your bed or does your dishes or writes you a sweet note just because and who LOVES the work:)
I know Christ lives. I know this gospel is true. I know that only through keeping the commandments can we find true happiness in this life. God loves all of you:)!
Sister Casper
¬†(p.s. I bought a new card reader and it didn’t work. Oh well. Maybe next week!)