I know all you want is pictures this week anyway…:)

Before all the fun (flowered button ups are not optional)

Caught up with some old companions in Bangkok:)

​So basically during Songkran (for three days) there are no rules. Everything is free game. You can just soak people, passing cars and motorcycles with water guns, buckets of water, anything, anyone, anywhere. Everyone carries their phones in ziplocks because it’s too dangerous not to! We went to this street called Siam on pday and we just drenched each other. It was way fun:) sister Wi and I didn’t stay all day because we have the same personality and got tired after only a few hours:)
This was a nice shot taken just as an Elder threw a bucket of water at us
Matching water gun back packs:)
Overall a really fun day participating in a great thai celebration:) Only regret: didn’t see Sister Coleman (another past companion) but it turns out we were at different streets haha.
Also: a monk came to church. This is all his monk stuff on a chair in the foyer. The other sisters invited him and he showed up. So crazy:) This gospel is for everyone:)

I love Thailand and I love the Thai people.
Also as we talked about Easter and resurrection this past week, it kept coming back to family history. My dad’s going to say “I told you so” but one of my biggest regrets is not having done family history before my mission. I definitely am going to go back and work hard on my family history. The prophets and Christ himself testify of the importance of doing family history and so many blessings are promised from it!
I love you all!!

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