Just a quick email for today!

Miracle: Yesterday I got really sick during church but we had a lot of great appointments set up so we didn’t take a break. I have to explain real quick that in our mission we have a goal for every companionship to get 4 new investigators every week. The first day of the transfer, Sister Williamson and I decided that since this goal was set by God through our mission president that we would never let a week go by without reaching that goal. Well…..last night we had a lesson set up with a solid potential investigator at around 7 at night (it was going to be perfect, we had only found 3 new investigators that week and she was going to be our fourth) but she didn’t come….At this point I feel like a car has hit me. I’m pretty sure I had a fever and I barely had the energy to walk. My companion turned to me and said, well what are we going to do? And with no hesitation I told her, we are going to go and find that last investigator. We invited for about 40 minutes with no success. As an STL I testify to my sisters that they can find 4 new investigators a week no matter what and I knew God had someone prepared for us. We couldn’t go home! I just held on to that faith as we talked to everyone we saw. At around 8:00 we get a call from the potential investigator we had set that appointment up with saying she wanted to meet at her apartment. We went over there and had an amazing lesson about…well everything! She was so interested and had so many questions!! When we trust in God, He guides us. I wish I had realized what faith really meant at the beginning of my mission (and I’m sure I still don’t know everything haha) My mission really changed when I learned about faith.
Also, we got permission to go to a soccer game haha. My district is hilarious. I love them.

​Yes we eat meat off the side of the road. Don’t tell my mom.
Love you all!!
Sister Casper

Sister Chloe Ca​sper

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