It’s just been a really happy week:) Nothing much to report on. We work every minute of the day. That’s one thing I love about Sister Williamson, every spare moment we have where we could be taking a break, we just keep working. While waiting for a taxi or bus, we invite or call. While eating dinner we plan a little for the next day. At night we call the sisters we are in charge of or clean the house. It sounds exhausting and sometimes it is but when you are in the service of the Lord, you are always happy.

This morning we raked leaves with Elder Khanakham and his wife (Elder Khanakham is a member of the quorum of the 70 in our ward here in Thailand). They are the sweetest most Christ-like couple ever. And they sure can crack a joke as well. Dang. They were hilarious. I’d tell you the jokes but they were in Thai so it wouldn’t be funny…
Anyway, not too much to say. I’ve been praying for peace of conscious and God has really helped me this week to realize the good I have done. A lot of times as a missionary you feel inadequate (there’s just so much to do!) but this is God’s work and He is always there guiding it. So it’s been a really good week and I’m very happy:)

Go Thailand!
In Bangkok they know Casper the ghost SO MUCH MORE. Everyone in the ward calls me “little ghost”. It’s really cute.
God answers prayers and He loves all of you. God is real. This week so many times all I had the chance to say before I was rejected was “God lives and He loves you”. That’s our message to the world. There is a God and He loves us. And He sent His son to suffer and die for us.
Sister Casper
P.S. an RM (native thai) just came back to Thailand from serving in the states and she totally forgot how to speak Thai.

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