Brother Jo!

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This is Brother Jo:)
He lived in America for 9 years though so we call him Bro Jo. Well sometimes I call him dad (that’s a Thai culture thing).
ANYWAY, I’ve been teaching Brother Jo the past THIRTEEN weeks. It has been a roller coaster of a 13 weeks. From “Brother Jo, what the heck??? why did you drink with your friends yesterday??? ughhhh” to when we’d ask him to pray and we’d get all ready to pray (heads bowed, arms crossed) as he would get on his knees and look up at us and then wait for us to follow suit. He’s such a good guy. His faith manifests itself differently than mine but his faith is there and I’m so proud of him and grateful that I was able to help him come to know God. At first, and even now, he EPITOMIZES the scripture john 7:17. Do the will to know the doctrine. Every commandment, he was willing to keep but honestly he did not believe in God. He wanted to know God though so he was willing to do everything we (God) asked. I can’t wait to see the good he does for the church here in Udorn.
Other things?
We ate pizza this week. NO. we MADE pizza this week. The senior couple went home last week which means we got all of their left over food AND their oven. It was heavenly.
I love the sacred time I have to study the scriptures each day. I feel at peace with myself and with my life here on earth.
I love the people here so much. I can’t imagine ever leaving them.
I love you all! Pray daily. If you feel like no one is listening, ask Him straight out if He is there. If you really want to know and are willing to look for the answer, He will tell you
Sister Casper

2017 :)

Good morning!!

This email comes to you from the great city of Udorn at 5 am! (we are going to go on an adventure today so decided to email before just in case).
I am still in Udorn (it’s close to Laos)
I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Nixon. She is from Wyoming and she is the sweetest thing ever. This story basically describes her personality: the other day we were about to start companionship study off with a hymn and I went to go grab my hymnbook but realized it wasn’t there. I told my companion “dang it, my hymn book must be downstairs”. Without a second to think, Sister Nixon bolted, I mean BOLTED, out of her chair and booked it downstairs to grab my hymnbook from off the table. And she’s super patient with me like when I cry because a member I’ve been working with so hard for 2 transfers didn’t come to his own little sister’s baptism or when I cry because I receive a really really good email from a friend. (I tear up so easily now:P Happiness, sadness, stress, hunger, all of the above)
Other updates? It is almost mango season so you know what that means!! Mango sticky rice!!! I’m so excited.
It’s 2017!
So right now we have an investigator who only speaks Isan (it’s a dialect of Thai closer to Laos). Most people here speak Isan but they also speak Thai. This investigator doesn’t:P And since I don’t have a Thai companion anymore I really get to see the gift of tongues in play. Sometimes I walk out of those lessons still not knowing exactly what was said but I receive confirmation from the Holy Ghost that God will help her. She has two friends at church and they helped us teach the 10 commandments. It was a miracle because literally just the day before we taught her, the Elders had taught these two members the 10 commandments so they were all excited and ready to teach their new friend and I could trust that it would be explained correctly.
For part of this week (long story short) the other sister and I were companions and looked after two areas. It was amazing. We were looking for an investigator of hers and we thought we had found the house and went inside and sat down with the father and daughter while waiting for the mother. When the mother arrived, we realized she was the wrong Sister Da but we sat down and taught them anyway:) And they were actually really interested! And were in my area!! We also taught another cute little family just because we happened to be listening to the spirit and in the right place and at the right time.
Also! I found out why my back hurts so dang much. Did you know it is possible to mount your bike wrong every day multiple times a day for a whole year?? Because I have been. Unfortunately the correct way is a little hard in a skirt but I’ll try.
I love you all!! PLEASE READ YOUR BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY. Not for my sake, but for your happiness. And always keep in remembrance the power of prayer.
Until next week!
Sister Casper