Everyday is made up of millions and billions of decisions. Some aren’t important (what color socks I will wear today or which cereal I will eat); others are monumental (which college will I go to or where will I work); while a majority of our decisions are seemingly unimportant but monumental in the long run and it’s those decisions that often cause us to trip and fall or rise and continue the race. For example: every day my alarm goes off at 6:30 am. Sometimes I am tempted to just sleep in 5 more minutes-what’s the harm in that?-but then I remember what God has promised me if I keep His commandments including following the missionary handbook, so I get up and pray and my day is blessed for my willingness to obey. It seems like such a minuscule decision but it has far reaching consequences. It affects the rest of my day and even into the next day (hey, I slept in yesterday, I could sleep in today too). We all face so many small decisions that have far reaching consequences. Granted, you all don’t have to wake up at 6:30 am on the dot but we all have decisions like should I exercise today? Should I go to class? Should I go serve that person? Should I serf the web aimlessly? When you are faced with a decision and are tempted to think of all the reasons you should make the wrong (or less good) choice, instead think of all the reasons you should make the better or best choice!

FYI, Luke Tait, I am not sleeping in thank you very much;)
On that note: I just want to share a quick miracle from the week: On a suggestion from our District Leader, Sister Francks and I started a fast for an investigator of ours who disappeared off the map. We were fasting that we would be able to get into contact with him. Just as we were about to break our fast the next day (Our food had literally just been placed in front of us), the phone rang and it was our investigator. I promise God answers our prayers and our fasts.
I love all of you!


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We had zone conference and District Conference last week. It was amazing. I got to be with both of my “daughters” for three days. If you can’t tell by my smile, I was super super happy.

I also got to see everyone from my last area at church. These are some of God’s elect children that I had the privilege of teaching while I was over in Sakon Nakhon. I cried while saying goodbye for the second time but the one on the far right (who got baptized soon after I left the area) said “it’s okay. we will see you at the temple” so of course I started crying more.
Anyway, this week all the members are hyped for missionary work because a member of the Seventy spoke to everyone about the importance of member missionary work. He forbade them from saying they aren’t free! so we are definitely excited for this week!
Also he spoke about marriage and then (because I was sitting in the front row) he looked right at me and said “now missionaries, hold your horses”. hahaha:)
But seriously, seeing my old companion and the members who I had grown to love and had been through so much with made me so happy. And it got me thinking about how I’ll feel when I see my Heavenly Father and Savior again. This week try and think of how you’ll feel when you see God again and what He will say to you about your work and life here on this earth.
I know God loves each and every one of you:)!!

Aww:) Love these girls so so much! Sister First, Cream and Ploy. They will change the world!:)
Your missionary in Thailand


You know when you’re just so happy that you don’t feel like you can even contain it in your body and it just starts pouring out through your limbs and you can’t keep still? Yeah. I’m that happy this week. (credit for that quote said by my daughter, Sister Coleman)

Nothing really spectacular happened this week but when you feel God’s love in your heart, everything is spectacular. 

1. We shaved pig ears, cut down trees, fed ducks, washed random people’s dishes for them, shoveled dirt on the side of the road, lots of other fun service thingies
2. We have mission tour this week and District Conference and Sister Casper might have to translate at District Conference. I really hope not but we will see! Pray for me!!
3. We saw amazing miracles with our investigators and LAs that we are working with this week.
4. Amazing experience with a strong member in our branch. The Elders hinted she needed a visit. We go over there to serve a lot but we don’t usually just sit down and share a scripture with her so we repented and then went to her house that night to share God’s love with her. As soon as we started talking to her the spirit flooded the house. She sews for a living. All day. Every day. She has a very high maintenance autistic daughter and her son is being a teenage boy and adventuring down a little side path rather than the straight and narrow. We testified to her of God’s love for her and we shared my favorite scripture in Alma 26:27. The spirit testified to me that God loves His children. This week as we met an investigator whose sister is dying, this member whose son is traveling dangerous paths, a recent convert who didn’t even have enough money for food, and many others (including myself) I pondered the question “why does God allow evil and suffering to occur?” As I studied this question in my personal study my trust in God and the Savior grew. Would a God, who you know loves you, give you something that wasn’t good for you and your eternal progression? NO! I really do love this gospel. I hope the people I come in contact with see that.
5. Apparently I can’t speak english. We were informed this week that we can’t end sentences with prepositions hence “where are you from?” is incorrect and so now our District says “From whence do you hither?” instead. Just thought I’d let you know.
6. Also Sister Francks almost sneezed out rice. yes, we are in Asia. 

There are dinosaurs in Thailand. FYI.
I think the biggest thing I learned this week was about charity. And that’s what God’s love is; charity. God gave me a glimpse into what a life with charity is like. That doesn’t mean to say I didn’t feel upset when corrected or that I wasn’t a little frustrated when commitments weren’t kept but I continuously tried to pray for God’s divine gift of charity and I discovered how much better life is like with love. Life is so much happier.
Attached is a video of our 65 plus RC just hacking at a piece of wood. She’s crazy awesome.
Love you all!!
Sister Casper