Wednesday morning. 7:30 am. The day before transfers. The phone rings. We have been waiting for transfer calls. I look at it expecting to see our District Leader’s number. The President is calling. I answer. He tells me he has a curve ball for me. I tell him I’m ready…….
Whoa….literally a wave of emotions flooded me. Excitement, nervousness, gratitude, and a whole lot of inadequacy. President Johnson asked me if I was ready and I told him I didn’t think so but the Lord must think so. My hands were shaking when I hung up the phone and after telling my companion, my own trainer, I immediately fell to my knees and prayed, knowing that I would need the Lord’s help now more than ever and needing to express gratitude for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences for growth that he has already given me.
So for those unfamiliar with missionary work, I just finished training myself and now I am training a new missionary who has just arrived in Thailand. I was so nervous to find out who I would be training, but I knew it would be exactly in the Lord’s plan. Oh and I’m having triplets because the two other Elders in my district are also training so I’m claiming all the greenies as my own.
Anyway, so that happened….and I  have seen so many miracles since!!!!!!
We went down to Bangkok Wednesday night. The next day I said goodbye to my trainer, Sister Hoffman, who was just finishing her mission and going back home. And then I met my new companion!!!! My new ลูก (child)! Her name is Sister Coleman and she is the cutest, greatest greenie in the world. I am so grateful for her. She is from Georgia and she has such a strong testimony and desire to share this gospel. Our first day we had time to spare so we went inviting in Bangkok and she talked to anyone and everyone. She had no fear, just a desire to share this gospel with the world. She is also such a hard worker. Sometimes I think I may work her a little too hard….

She fell asleep while we were praying. She is so diligent.
This week I have felt like all Satan has been trying to tell me is that I can’t do it. I can’t train, I can’t speak Thai, I can’t do it. But I’ve noticed that God is giving me so many more tender mercies, blessings and miracles saying I can.
Our first day together, we got lost, I had to buy a bike and then the bike tire blew while I was riding it, I forgot to feed my greenie breakfast (oops), I lost my camera and Elder Feist’s helmet, something else on my brand new bike broke, I scheduled an appointment wrong, etc, etc. All in one day!! It was crazy! But we kept doing everything we knew we should be doing and we both trusted in the Lord and amazing things happened. Elder Feist was there when my bike tire blew so I was able to get off the road and fix it safely. At the place where I lost my camera (I left it at the bike store) we had invited the bike store owner and gave him our card so he was able to call us back and let us know he still had it. We found our way home. We prayed together a lot for peace and direction. Members popped out of the blue to help us get my bike fixed or feed us, etc. There were two high chews left when we thought there would only be one. Miracles and miracles and miracles.

(Here’s me with my bike all fixed up and in my stylish vest. Oh yes. My bike is practically glow in the dark)
I have learned so much this week and I know I will learn so much more as the weeks pass by.
I reread the testimonies by the three new apostles from October 2015 the other day and the spirit overwhelmed me as I was reading. They all spoke of how inadequate they felt when they were called to be apostles but their testimonies and conviction that the Lord would strengthen, bless and qualify them comforted me in my new assignment as trainer and as a missionary in general.
Unfortunately, all of our investigators are not answering their phones….I’ve called hundreds of times. But that’s okay! We are working hard, loving the work, loving the people, and are learning to get really good at just street contacting and we are going to work on improving our ability to ask for referrals.
I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the resources our Father in Heaven has given us to learn of Him and His plan for us, especially the Book of Mormon. I love Thailand. I love the work. I love my Heavenly Father so much.

Us Tim-Tam slamming:)

Returning from Bangkok!

My first day with my new companion, Sister Coleman!! Yes, yes. She looks like Anne Hathaway. She’s gorgeous.
Love always,
Sister Casper
Trust in the Lord


It. Was. Awesome.
Tell you more next week;)
Sister Casper