The Lifeboat

Today I have very little time (a favorite saying of missionaries when emailing home on P-day everywhere haha) but I just want to let everyone know I love them. And God loves you, individually and personally.

This week I had the opportunity to speak with a beautiful young lady who just submitted her mission papers. She speaks fluent english. On  Sunday she came up to Sister Hassaya and I just bawling. She explained everything that had happened and my heart ached for her considering I too had just spent the whole of the day before crying in every bathroom I passed (but that’s another story;)). I told her 4 things and I want everyone within the sound of my email (pretend I said that as powerfully as an Apostle when he says it at the conference center pulpit) to ponder about…
1. God is preparing her. She has some extreme trials right now but God knows she can handle them. He is trusting her with these pains because in the future she will meet someone going through the same struggles and she will be able to help them overcome and be able to give them peace. God will let her go through these trials because He knows she can handle them and He needs her to overcome to be able to help more of His children in the future.
2. Just hold on. I told her to keep reading her scriptures, keep going to church, keep praying, keep singing hymns even if she couldn’t feel the immediate affect of their goodness now.
3. Get a priesthood blessing if possible.
4. She expressed to me that she felt like she was in the middle of the ocean and that she couldn’t see land and she didn’t know whether to keep swimming or not because she was just too tired and didn’t think she’d ever be able to make it to safe ground. I told her to keep swimming but not towards land. I told her to call out for a life boat. If any of you feel like that, in an ocean of uncertainty and pain with no hope of ever reaching land, don’t set your sights on the land! Call out for a life boat, because the keeper of the lifeboat (Jesus Christ) will always find you. He will immediately come to you. Just call out to Him.
I love you all so much.

Sister Chloe Casper

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