Sometimes You Just Need to Get Hit by a Car

Don’t freak out mom! The car barely nudged me! Just wanted to get that out there first haha. So my companion and I were walking down a rather small road when all of a sudden a huge black truck drives up behind us and the side mirror hits me as it passes. The car was going super slow and it didn’t hurt at all but it wasn’t until I felt the nudge and saw the car that I realized the apparent danger I had been in. I will relate that to something spiritual later (probably…) but for now I just wanted to save my mom from the heart attack she was just about to have.

ANYWAY:)! This week? Wow…I thought it was taking forever but in reality it went by super fast.
It’s funny how when I thought of missionary work I thought of teaching lessons in nice little, peaceful homes (like in the district videos) but in reality we teach in the tiny storage closet of the church or in the heat on member’s porches or even on the side of a busy road (teaching the Plan of Salvation with a ton of cars honking and zooming past us was probably one of the most interesting moments from the week). Either way the work still gets done:)
This past week we had family home evening with one of my favorite families! They have a 14 (16 maybe?) year old son who is like an EXACT replica of my little brother (except for the fact that he’s Asian). It was a lot of fun! I love the ward members here. A lot of the Relief Society Sisters will just come up and hold my hand. Even if we don’t speak because of our language barrier, I feel their love and Christ’s love through them:)
Aww I’m realizing I don’t have a ton of random, awesome stuff to say as I usually do…We are pretty tired today. We got up a little earlier than usual to go with the primary kids to the zoo. I saw a lot of turtles!:)
So back to my car experience:
I had this really awesome (just kidding it was sub par) metaphor all thought out about how it relates to life and trials and all this good stuff but it didn’t feel right. I think I’ll just tell you the lessons I learned:
 1. Always make sure you aren’t walking in the middle of the road and look out for cars…that’s lesson number one
2. Always look up:) Look up at your Savior, look up at the world our Father in Heaven has created for us, look outside of yourself and up at all the blessings raining down on you from heaven. When the car nudged me, I immediately was shaken out of a current train of thought all about myself. Those kind of thoughts are dangerous: I can’t do this. I don’t know what to do. I am tired, hungry, hot. They can lead to us actually getting hurt spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically. We aren’t doing it alone Christ is the one doing everything and we just need to turn to Him and be willing to let Him carry our burden and give Him our will.
Sad news: I can’t get pictures to load today. Next week!
I love all of you so much! Thank you for all the emails and prayers and love! I know Jesus Christ lives- that He is my Savior and Redeemer. Please read the Book of Mormon daily if you don’t already. I promise it will bring joy and comfort to your lives!
Also I’m sorry I don’t talk about my investigators a ton- to be honest almost all of the appointments have fallen through since my being here but we meet with recent converts a lot and I enjoy the opportunity to share scriptures and our love with them!
Sister Casper

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