Thank you for all the BEAUTIFUL emails! Look ma! No tears! But in all seriousness, no tears this week:) Hard moments and struggles but all smiles:) Thank you for the prayers and love. I know God loves you and me. And I love Him. That’s still about all I can say in Thai but that’s okay because it is so true. It is the essence of this gospel. God loves us so He gave us a plan and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love Him so I will try my very best to follow that plan. And I know God loves all of His children so I will try to help them know of and follow His plan too to have true happiness.
Sorry if I send a bunch of emails this week but I have a bunch of pictures that I can finally send! Yay! Although I hear pictures of me are floating around Facebook…
When you are watching the District for training and get SO EXCITED that you just have to take a selfie with the mini TV…..my trainer might think I’m a little insane (for all of you who don’t know, the District was filmed in my home ward in San Antonio and this is my old Bishop and awesome, amazing family friend Bishop Miller!!!)

This is the cutest little Thai girl:)) Sister อิม. She’s a recent convert. I love her to death. We have an awesome secret handshake and everything. (we just finished sports night if you can’t tell…haha)  I LOVE Sport’s night. Great opportunity to get families to the church and lately we’ve had so many adorable little Thai children and their guardians come. I taught them Red Light, Green Light. One of the families is SO cute. We gave them a tour of the church and will hopefully have the opportunity to teach them about the gospel in the next upcoming week or two when they have free time!! 
At some old Buddhist วัด (temples). Super hot but very cool. Today we are going to go visit a haunted วัด so wish me luck!!

Cool story: We were about to teach english class and this awesome girl walks in. We aren’t ready to start yet so we start talking to her and one of the elders asked her how she knew about english class. Well, she just points at me and was like, she invited me. I couldn’t remember exactly where but Sister Hassaya and I thought about it after class and she figured it out: we were on…for lack of a better word…the back of a pick up truck (it’s how we travel here but there are benches and a covering) when this awesome girl got on. We didn’t talk, I just smiled at her and said hello. Just as we were about to get off her hat flies of the truck and no one catches it in time. We were getting off so I couldn’t say or do anything and just handed her a pass along card and told her I was sorry that happened. And she ended up coming to english class! She was super sweet! The Lord’s hand guides this work. Getting people to english class isn’t the goal, but getting them to church is and I feel like if she keeps coming she’ll want to learn more. She’s the cutest human being ever. She asked to take a picture with me too:) So fun.

Our district!! It’s pretty small but so much fun:)
Also! I feel like I should share the good news of my friends and family too!!
1. My brother got a 30 on the ACT!! He’s a mind blowing genius. Wow. Also he’s cute. And available. Just so all you single girls know.
2. MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS!! So happy for her:))) Wish I could be there but I’ll be there in spirit…and a picture of me better be there too.
3. My roommate and one of my best friends is getting married too!!!!!! Congratulations Noelle!!:))
4. Lindsey Tobler, Jacob Williams and Ashly Weight are about to go serve missions!!!! They will be great instruments in the hands of the Lord
5. My other sister has the cutest kids EVER. Also, she’s cute too. But not available….obviously…..She’s hilarious and if you ever need someone to lift you up, just talk to her.
6. I don’t know what’s going on in Adam’s life…He doesn’t email me;) jk jk. He’s cool. He’s rocking the college life.
Oh and yes….starting soon, sisters in my mission can wear pants:) haha I know many of you were curious.
The Lord has always answered my prayers. Every time I’ve knelt in fervent prayer, pleading for His guidance and love, He has freely given it in one form or another. Every. Time. I am so grateful for this gospel. I am grateful for God’s plan for me. I know my Savior lives. This week my testimony of the Book of Mormon grew so much. It is such a powerful book. It truly contains the words of God.
I love you all,
Sister Casper

The Lifeboat

Today I have very little time (a favorite saying of missionaries when emailing home on P-day everywhere haha) but I just want to let everyone know I love them. And God loves you, individually and personally.

This week I had the opportunity to speak with a beautiful young lady who just submitted her mission papers. She speaks fluent english. On  Sunday she came up to Sister Hassaya and I just bawling. She explained everything that had happened and my heart ached for her considering I too had just spent the whole of the day before crying in every bathroom I passed (but that’s another story;)). I told her 4 things and I want everyone within the sound of my email (pretend I said that as powerfully as an Apostle when he says it at the conference center pulpit) to ponder about…
1. God is preparing her. She has some extreme trials right now but God knows she can handle them. He is trusting her with these pains because in the future she will meet someone going through the same struggles and she will be able to help them overcome and be able to give them peace. God will let her go through these trials because He knows she can handle them and He needs her to overcome to be able to help more of His children in the future.
2. Just hold on. I told her to keep reading her scriptures, keep going to church, keep praying, keep singing hymns even if she couldn’t feel the immediate affect of their goodness now.
3. Get a priesthood blessing if possible.
4. She expressed to me that she felt like she was in the middle of the ocean and that she couldn’t see land and she didn’t know whether to keep swimming or not because she was just too tired and didn’t think she’d ever be able to make it to safe ground. I told her to keep swimming but not towards land. I told her to call out for a life boat. If any of you feel like that, in an ocean of uncertainty and pain with no hope of ever reaching land, don’t set your sights on the land! Call out for a life boat, because the keeper of the lifeboat (Jesus Christ) will always find you. He will immediately come to you. Just call out to Him.
I love you all so much.

Sister Chloe Casper

Because He Lives

Hello my family and my extended family and my people that I consider family!! Oh and hello to Parker too…I guess….

Can I just say I am so grateful for family? We had the opportunity to Skype today and I can’t thank God enough for each and every one of them (including Parker too, I guess). They are the funniest, kindest, most spiritual people I know and if you don’t know them, you are seriously missing out. I told my sisters I have eaten a whole jar of peanut butter by myself in just two weeks and they only judged a little!! That’s real love. And my whole family gave me the big loving push that I needed to keep fighting the good fight:)
While last week was extremely frustrating, this week was one full of miracles! But the funniest part is: if you were to watch a video of this week and last week, they wouldn’t look much different!! Life truly does change based on our attitude. Nothing changed except my heart yet it seemed to me that everything was a million times better.
This week we taught a wonderful man named Brother Golf. Even though I have never met him before and I barely understand him, I have the most amazing sensation that I once knew him. Every time I’m with him and we are teaching, it feels familiar. That’s something I need to remember throughout my mission. Everyone that we meet on this earth already accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ at one point! (in the pre-existence). Every. Single. Person. We aren’t teaching them a totally brand new concept. Their spirits are already familiar with it; as missionaries we are just reminding their spirits of truths they already accepted once and through our teaching/testifying, we are trying to coax their brain to listen to the voice of their own spirit and the Holy Spirit as well. Don’t be afraid to share the gospel. This is a precious truth which we have the responsibility of sharing with those who have not yet received it. Most of our friends will appreciate our attempt at sharing something we love with them and believe is important, even if they don’t end up accepting it.
This week we also taught the parents of Sister Eem and Brother Braem (my favorite kids 10 and 12 years old that have already been baptized). We decided to teach the plan of salvation. At the end I shared my testimony: I have chosen to leave my family for a year and a half. My family whom I love dearly and whom I miss so so much. I chose to do this though so that I could help families like yours be together for eternity. I want every family to know that they don’t have to say goodbye after this life.
I know I will get to joke around with my sisters and be teased by my brothers after this life too:) What a great thought:)
Because Jesus Christ lives….I can live with my family forever.
Because He lives…I can smile despite the storms
Because He lives…I can eat spicy food, learn to speak Thai, and survive the heat!
Because He lives…I am happy!!!
Please send me your own Because He lives statement:) I’d love to know what blessings you’ve seen in your life “Because He lives”
And I still can’t send pictures….I’ll figure it out next week!!
I love you all!! Keep smiling!!
Sister Casper

Sometimes You Just Need to Get Hit by a Car

Don’t freak out mom! The car barely nudged me! Just wanted to get that out there first haha. So my companion and I were walking down a rather small road when all of a sudden a huge black truck drives up behind us and the side mirror hits me as it passes. The car was going super slow and it didn’t hurt at all but it wasn’t until I felt the nudge and saw the car that I realized the apparent danger I had been in. I will relate that to something spiritual later (probably…) but for now I just wanted to save my mom from the heart attack she was just about to have.

ANYWAY:)! This week? Wow…I thought it was taking forever but in reality it went by super fast.
It’s funny how when I thought of missionary work I thought of teaching lessons in nice little, peaceful homes (like in the district videos) but in reality we teach in the tiny storage closet of the church or in the heat on member’s porches or even on the side of a busy road (teaching the Plan of Salvation with a ton of cars honking and zooming past us was probably one of the most interesting moments from the week). Either way the work still gets done:)
This past week we had family home evening with one of my favorite families! They have a 14 (16 maybe?) year old son who is like an EXACT replica of my little brother (except for the fact that he’s Asian). It was a lot of fun! I love the ward members here. A lot of the Relief Society Sisters will just come up and hold my hand. Even if we don’t speak because of our language barrier, I feel their love and Christ’s love through them:)
Aww I’m realizing I don’t have a ton of random, awesome stuff to say as I usually do…We are pretty tired today. We got up a little earlier than usual to go with the primary kids to the zoo. I saw a lot of turtles!:)
So back to my car experience:
I had this really awesome (just kidding it was sub par) metaphor all thought out about how it relates to life and trials and all this good stuff but it didn’t feel right. I think I’ll just tell you the lessons I learned:
 1. Always make sure you aren’t walking in the middle of the road and look out for cars…that’s lesson number one
2. Always look up:) Look up at your Savior, look up at the world our Father in Heaven has created for us, look outside of yourself and up at all the blessings raining down on you from heaven. When the car nudged me, I immediately was shaken out of a current train of thought all about myself. Those kind of thoughts are dangerous: I can’t do this. I don’t know what to do. I am tired, hungry, hot. They can lead to us actually getting hurt spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically. We aren’t doing it alone Christ is the one doing everything and we just need to turn to Him and be willing to let Him carry our burden and give Him our will.
Sad news: I can’t get pictures to load today. Next week!
I love all of you so much! Thank you for all the emails and prayers and love! I know Jesus Christ lives- that He is my Savior and Redeemer. Please read the Book of Mormon daily if you don’t already. I promise it will bring joy and comfort to your lives!
Also I’m sorry I don’t talk about my investigators a ton- to be honest almost all of the appointments have fallen through since my being here but we meet with recent converts a lot and I enjoy the opportunity to share scriptures and our love with them!
Sister Casper